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Opening Ceremony Agenda

The ATA Tournament Department has a proper agenda for the opening ceremonies of a regional tournament. It is crucial to follow this agenda and not deviate from it without prior authorization from the ATA Tournament Department or Grandmaster In Ho Lee. Below is that agenda:

  1. M.C. - Introduction of the Seniors (lowest to highest rank) and Guests. Announce position, city/state, rank, and then name (if applicable, other achievements such as World Champion, etc. may be included)
  2. M.C. - Announces “Ladies and gentlemen, please face the flags.”
  3. . Korean National Anthem (either via tape, CD, or singer)
  4. . American National Anthem (either via tape, CD, or singer)
  5. Bow to flags
  6. M.C. waits for the “Seniors to face the Juniors” (Please make sure Seniors have had the opportunity to face the juniors before the M.C. or leading student starts the Songahm Spirit of Taekwondo.)
  7. Songahm Spirit of Taekwondo
  8. Bow to Seniors
  9. M.C. - Announces “Everyone, please is seated.”
  10. M.C. - Welcomes host of tournament
  11. If applicable, have special guest give speech
  12. Where appropriate, give out awards
  13. Highest ranking senior recognizes previous and current world and state champions present in the following order: State, District, & World
  14. If applicable, announce sponsors
  15. If applicable, begin demonstration
  16. Regional Tournament Team Leader - swears in judges
  17. Regional Tournament Team Leader - administers competitor’s oath
  18. Regional Tournament Team Leader - gives instructions and explains which divisions are in which rings
  19. Regional Tournament Team Leader - asks senior rank for permission to start the competition

It is imperative that the opening ceremonies for regional tournaments not exceed a 30 minute time frame (including demonstration). The demonstration should be held to 10 minutes or less.

At the conclusion of the tournament, there should be a bowing out ceremony. This would be conducted the same as the ending of a class including the reciting of the Songahm Spirit.


Judges’ Oath

The judges’ oath will be administered by the International Tournament Chairman, the National Tournament Director or the Regional Chief of Tournaments to all personnel who will be judging. Although the association holds respect for certified judges’ integrity, the oath is a reminder of the great responsibility held by a judge who is seen by all others as representatives of the ATA. It is vital for judges to project a feeling of ATA unity and that all judges are interested in the growth and continued enjoyment of our martial art.

The administering official shall have all judges raise their right hands with the left hand in the support position, as he/she reads the oath:

“Do you swear that your judging of the Taekwondo students here present shall be without prejudice of school, region or other variant, and that your judging will be to the best of your ability in keeping with ATA policy and standards for the best interests of all competitors here involved?”

All judges shall answer: “I DO.”

Competitors’ Oath

In an effort to maintain the proper mental attitude of the competitors present, the proper official shall administer the following oath to all competitors.

The administering official shall have all competitors stand and raise their right hands with the left hand in the support position, as he/she reads the oath:

“Do you promise as a competitor in this ATA Regional Tournament, to compete in the spirit of Songahm Taekwondo, demonstrating safety, courtesy, and respect towards your fellow competitors, the judges, and the spectators? And will you always remember that “to compete is to win.”

All competitors shall answer: “I DO.”

Authority of the International Tournament Director

The International Tournament Director is the final arbiter of these rules. Any determination concerning the interpretation, applicability or necessary exceptions to the rules shall be made in the sole discretion of the International Tournament Director.